Last Time This Young

Febrilian Kristiawan

Febrilian Kristiawan / September 11, 2020

2 min read

Don Corleone

These days are the last time I'm this young and still be able to be around my parents. I'm shedding manly tears the first time that thought came up to me. Think about it, as soon as this pandemic ends, I'll be far from them to continue study medicine, and they'll be back working like they used to. We'll have less time for each other cause I'll need more time to study hard, and they'll work harder. That will go on, non-stop, until I realize I never had much time spent with them, and these last few months are just like my childhood but I'm way wiser and smarter. If I'm not wise enough to realize that, I haven't grown up enough.

Let's say after I head off to college, I'll meet my parents in average few times a year, on average maybe 2-7 days each time. Add Christmas and Eid, I'll probably have around 1 month time with them if I'm lucky. Compare that to the ~18 years that I spent with them, everyday except the sleepovers and competition camps. I probably have only 1/100 the time I used to have left with my parents. Despite not being at the end of my life, I may very well be nearing the end of my time with my parents.

I don't want to be conscious about it at all times, for that will probably counteract my enjoyment with my family. Not forgetting that I don't have much time left is all I need to do. Through that reflection, I realize that I can tolerate my parents more, I can do things to keep them healthy, I can easily say no to unnecessary projects cause I know my time worth more these days, not because it translates to money, but it translates to experiences that I can never get back once they grew too old.