About Me

Hey, I’m Febrilian. I'm a developer, medical student. Currently building RisetkuCepat.co, and running a web development agency, Dorsian. We aim to solve client's design and fullstack projects, feel free to hit me up!


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Paid Projects

Suara Mahasiswa UI

Media organization by students of Universitas Indonesia.

Liga Medika FKUI

Annual event by students in FKUI. Sports, arts, and research competitions and conferences for medical students around the world.

Doctor's Career Updates

Biennial event by Departemen Pendidikan dan Profesi BEM IKM FKUI. Conferences and workshops about career for doctors.

One Data Makara

Internal data gathering system for Ikatan Keluarga Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia.

Pemilihan Raya IKM FKUI 2020 Voting System

Building frictionless voting system. Set the record of most vote gathered for the last few years. Built as an integral part of One Data Makara.

EFAST 2020

Building EFAST 2020 by TBM FKUI's website.

Personal Projects

Cepat Commerce (BETA)

Fastest e-commerce experience in Indonesia.

Research Projects


Tool for health researchers.